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Blue has found his forever home with Rick. Congrats you guys, and Happy trails to you both.


Christina now has a home with Kim her new owner. She has completed one month training with Logan Leach, and is still learning more everyday. Kim and Christina make the perfect pair.  Congrats you guys !!!!


Nevaeh was adopted by Noah. He has taken her to some trail shows already and she is doing wonderful with him. Their picture together will be up here soon. Congrats you guys !!!!!!


Lazarus has been adopted by Melinda. He is in the  E.V.A. program, so his Equine Angel is Chantal, in Quebec. Melinda, and Lazzy are enjoying the beautiful trails in Sonoita, Az. Congrats you guys


Strider is a registered Quarterhorse with great breeding. Halter and trailer broke, lets you work with his feet, and has great manners. He has a lot of potential.


Congratulations to Walt and Marian on their adoption of beautiful Isis.  This match was meant to be!


Grace was adopted a few weeks ago by Becky, one of our board members, and our very own volunteer cordinator. Grace fell in love with her, and wouldn't let anyone halter her but Becky, lol. Grace adores Becky so that was a match we had no control over. Grace picked Becky, and for Becky's birthday, her husband adopted Grace for her. Talk about happy endings. Grace came from the kill pen with her baby Phoenix who has been adopted for a year now, so we were all so happy to see Grace find her forever home now too. Congratulations you guys, and Happy Trails to you both.


Ranger was found in the desert with a halter grown into his head. We don't know how long he was out there, but he was found with a pony that he was protecting for a long time. We had to cut the halter off of his head, which took skin and flesh. He has a tiny scar. The pony has since been adopted and Ranger was left behind because he is not ridable, due to right front and back leg injury. Ranger is a the perfect companion horse. He is a protector and caretaker of any horse he is with. He loves horses and people alike. He is beautiful to look at and loves attention.


Ebony has her forever home with Lauralie and she is doing wonderful. Congratulations to you guys and happy trails to you both


Fayla is getting the training and confidence she needed from her adopter, Nori, who also has Ethan, another HEART rescue.


Dante has found his forever home with Monica and Ann. He and Destiny now get to be snow birds going to Montana for the summers and here for the winters. Congratulations you guys!!!!!!!!


Poco has found her new family with Michelle Craig. She moved up to the White Mountians and now has lots of room to ride and no more hot summers down here. Michelle came to HEART looking to find her partner and fell in love with Poco. They look great together and Poco looks very happy with her new best friend, Congratulations Michelle and Poco. We are going to love doing the home visits there in the summer.


Jack came to us almost 2 years ago very malnourished and unhealthy. His new owner worked here for us and saw that he was a diamond in the rough and believed in him. They have been training in jumper and bringing in the ribbons. He won his first championship from the HITS show here in 2009. Jack just left this week for Montana with his owner to attend an equine college program for 13 months.


Daisy was brought in  from Nogales where she and two other horses were seized by Border Patrol for hauling drugs. Her feet were a mess where her shoes were way to small for her, and just nailed on. We couldn't believe she could even walk in those let alone carry over 400lbs of marijuana plus a rider. She is now in rehab, and her future looks very good.

Streaking Kitty

Kitty was run into the ground in illegal races after she disappeared from the legitimate race track. Her serious knee injuries were masked with pain killers. When she was no longer of use, she was abandoned in the desert. Lame and malnourished when she arrived, three vets said she should be euthanized as she would never walk again without extreme pain. She proved them all wrong and she healed at HEART, and now will live out her days in comfort at a Thoroughbred sanctuary.


Frost came into HEART in April 2011 with a drug horse from Nogales. She was going to be sent on to the PLA auction where she would have been bought for meat, and then sent on to the slaughter house in Mexico. We couldn't leave her behind so we brought her in to HEART, where she is now in rehab, gaining weight, and will have a wonderful life as a companion horse, once she is her self again.  Frost was adopted by Becky a month later, and lives with Grace, another HEART rescue.

Fancy and Prince

Fancy and Prince are our mascots for fundraisers. They love the crowds, and always leave our shows with lots of hugs and kisses from adults to children. They do our therapy program where they can go into nursing homes and hospitals to see the elderly, and kids alike. They also teach kids to learn to harness and drive carts. Photo courtesy of Guy Atchley.  They were adopted in Feb. 2014… Happy trails you all:)


Sadie has been adopted by Michelle. They are in love with each other, and I couldn't have asked for a better owner for her. Sadie loves Michelles daughter Dorthy, and she plans to ride her some day soon. Congrats you guys, and happy trails to you.


Tigger was adopted by Sandy and Claud. Trigger was one of the Marana 16 that was abandoned, but now has a forever friend. Congrats you two, and Happy Trails to you.


Cherokee was adopted by Rene Iotti, and her husban Van. He also was one the the 16 horses abandoned. He now has a wonderful forever home with Rene, and Van and will live out the rest of his life being taken care of the way he deserved. Congrats you guys, and Happy Trails to you.


Bandit saw Marianne coming, and did his best to catch her eye. Well that isn't hard to do when you look at him, and see how sweet he is. He was another one of the 16 horses abandoned, but now he has his forever home with Marianne, and they both have started the wonderful journey as partners. Congrats you guys, and Happy Trails to you.


This was a match made in Heaven. Denali clearly needed Maggie, as much as she needed him. There was a connection between these two early on. Denali had been neglected from time with people, and stood by himself for a long time just waiting for some one to notice him, and work with him. He had detatched from people until he met her, and it was all over for the both of them. She spends a lot of time with him, and he takes every moment in with her. Great match with these two. Congrats to you both, and Happy Trails to you.


Ethan and Nori hit it off right away. Nori was volunteering here, and is now on the board, but she was pulled to Ethan early on. She fostered him for awhile, and then for her birthday he became her life long partner. Ethan couldn't have asked for a better mom, so Congrats you guys, and Happy Trails to you !!!!


Destiny has found her new home with Ann and Monica. Congratulations on your new home Destiny.


Sandy waited and waited for the right person to come along, and it finally happened!  We could not be happier for Sandy and Nina.


Penny was adopted by Kelly, and they love each other to pieces.


We wish you both the best.  


Precious will grow to be about 15 hands and fill out to look like her mother… Penny.  Precious has fabulous coloring and will surely draw comments when you ride her.