Ain’t I Handsome?

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Luke is Doing Well

So Thomas has been working with my pal, Luke, and he’s doing really well! I think I mentioned on Facebook a little while back that Luke’s a pretty cool blue-eyed Dunne who came to H.E.A.R.T. some months back, when his dad talked to Judy about having to leave Luke behind for Alaska. This horse pretty much did roping his whole life, but we’re still finding out what all he knows how to do. What we DO know is that he can show a lot of energy out in the arena, so I’m not allowed to run with him when he’s playing or working with Thomas!

Trying to get video to work on my blog here, so I’ll post to Facebook in the meantime. Hope to have the vids up here on the blog soon!

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Lots of Adventures

Well, it’s pretty hot here in Tucson right now, with the days getting up to around 105-109F. Blecchhh! I take a lot of naps in cooler places during the afternoons, but also keep busy with all the volunteers whenever I can and remind them of the importance of throwing a ball for me to catch! Benny always lets me jump into his water trough if I need to cool off, so that helps a LOT.

Cinco, Kawliga and Opie went to new homes! I hear they are doing great and having fun making new pals. Oh, and Ashley went to an awesome foster home, where she is getting a lot of love. It’s really hard saying goodbye to old friends, even if Kawliga didn’t always appreciate how I would try chasing him in the arena, lol. But the most important thing is that they are having new adventures with some really wonderful humans who will take such good care of them, just like Judy and everyone at H.E.A.R.T. would want.

Besides supervising all the volunteers and making sure the horses don’t slouch when visitors come to visit (I’m a heeler, I know my jobs! lol), I’ve also become best buds with Mark and keep him company when he works with all the horses. He was away for awhile driving trucks all over the country so Judy could have medical insurance, but now he’s working in Tucson again and taking care of things at H.E.A.R.T. with the Board and volunteers. He’s been a farrier for over thirty years, specializes in a lot of corrective shoeing stuff, and has been around horses pretty much his entire life, so he knows a thing or two about taking care of my friends! He was already doing a lot for the horses since H.E.A.R.T. started (and even before!), like working on their feet, helping with medical care and actual rescues, but because he knew how pretty and full of life my mom was, he was fine staying in the background while she would shine so brightly!

Here I am with Mark tonight at the ranch, winding down after another hot day!

Being Dudes Together

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It Was Hard to Say Goodbye

I’m back, everybody! It’s been a long time since I got my paws back on the computer, but life has been pretty crazy lately. I was really busy taking care of Judy while she was sick, and while I know she wanted me to have fun outside with the volunteers and just be a silly puppy as much as I could, I just didn’t want to leave her side for very long. I did my very best to watch over her and keep her smiling at my antics, even when she wasn’t feeling well, like rolling somersaults on the bed next to her and tunneling under the blankets to make her laugh. I’d snuggle up to keep her warm and be the best watchdog I could so she could rest. It was my most important job ever, taking care of my mom, and everyone says I was such a good boy for protecting her and the ranch while Mark was on the road driving big scary trucks so Judy could have insurance for the doctors.

I try not to be too sad now, even though I really miss her. She’s watching over us, I just know she is, and I’m still at work keeping everyone organized – horses, goats, cats, dogs, chickens, and my daily teams of human volunteers! Lots of stuff to do for a youngster like me, but I’m a tough little pup and insist on being out there to make sure everything runs smoothly at H.E.A.R.T! Sometimes I go over to my friend Becky’s house to play with her dogs, and we have a blast..but right now I would rather be at the ranch taking care of my Dad and being the Top Dog!
Well, I’ve grown up a lot through all of these changes, and I’m only a little over two years old! Even though I was able to be with my Judy and say goodbye, which was really hard, I guess it isn’t really goodbye since all the good things she left behind are still a part of us. I’m learning about things called journeys, and legacies, and Gabe told me I’m wise beyond my little dog years because of all those journeys I’ve been a part of already. It’s okay to have those sad days, because there are so many good ones worthy of a great tail-wagging and jollyball-chasing.
Which reminds me..I think I’d better get outside and make sure my volunteers are all assembled! More from me, later!

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I know my enemy

I know now what the cancer is and its name is Adenocarcinoma. I have a chance to fight this one if I can get the treatment. I am not going to quit!!!! I have so many horses that are counting on me, and so many people that can benefit from the programs that I want to have in place here. My back was so sore today I could barley walk, but I think it is because I have been taking it easy and my body is not used to sitting still, lol. I am on the run all the time and I keep my joints and muscles moving. Julie came in last night and we headed straight off to the doctor, and then the Attorney to make sure I have everything in line.  I can feel this thing in my chest, it feels like a foreign substance and it is taking over my breathing space. It won’t let me breath deep, and it actually hurts my chest and back. Since it is wrapped around my aorta it seems to not let me get all the oxygen I need to be able to move fast like before. It is a strange feeling that I didn’t have a month ago. My husband lost his first wife to this cancer so I feel bad that he has to go through this again. I feel really bad that Dyna King is hurting right now too. We will get through this.

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I can’t stay away from the barn, lol

Today was a great day. I Did some feeding this morning and hung out at the barn for awhile this morning. It is so neat to see how the horses all lift their heads to me when I walk by. Kawliga was getting a bath today and wouldn’t get onto the black rubber pad for one of the volunteers today. He turned and saw me coming and he just stepped right up there. He looked back at me, and Madalena said he sure knows when mamas around. LOL made me feel good to see him behave as soon as he saw me. Jewel had just finished up her ride with Tessa and she saw me and headed straight to me to give me a kiss. It is pretty amazing to see the way all the horses show how much they respect and love me. I am really truly blessed. I did get more tired today than before so I came back up to the house with Geevers. I got a phone call I was hoping for. It is a great lung cancer doctor that Susan Via was able to let know about me. Susan told her my situation and her office called today to set an appointment for me Oct. 8th. She will go over all of my reports and tell me what she thinks. Please keep sending your prayers. I still haven’t turned orange yet from all the carrot juice but I am drinking it and mixing up all the greens with it too. If Julie turns orange before I do she is going to kill me, lol. She will think I tricked her again just to get another laugh, LOL.  I am hitting the sack early tonight with Geevers, he needs his beauty rest. Night everyone, lots of hugs headed your way from me and all the boys and girls here at HEART.

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Juicing and getting ready for the fight.

Hi everyone, I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful prayers. This is almost like it was 2 years ago but it was for Dyna King and my son Sean. Well laughter is the best medicine so let’s all have a little fun with this one. I had a wonderful phone call from a lady that saw the news last night and she came by today and told me she had cancer too 11 years ago and she was told to juice carrots. She said she turned orange from drinking all the carrot juice but it killed a lot of cancer cells. She also gave me 1,000.00 to pay for my biopsy yesterday. So guess what??????? I went to Walmart and bought a Mac Daddy Juicer, The Jack Lalanne’s Juicer and 25lbs of carrots. Yep I juiced a lot of them and drank, and drank. I should be the prettiest Orange color by next week just in time for Halloween. How ironic is it that I am now on the horses diet, LOL. I hope they don’t try to eat me. LOL. OMG you have to admit that is pretty funny. My best friend I call my sister is drinking the carrot juice with me so that we can both be orange together. I am headed over to the blog so that I can add this. You all have a wonderful night, and remember it feels so much better to laugh.

I have been getting lots of emails with links to places that might be able to help me get treatment if that is an option for me. Thank you to everyone that is sending me those places where I can go look and research. You are actually saving me a lot of time and sending me to some great sites where the information is right there. Hugs to you all, and thank you so much.

We opened the comments so if you want to chime in at anytime feel free to do so. Night all.

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The first signs

I don’t know how it goes for others when they first find out they have a monster in them, but I had a feeling something was wrong because of my body telling me. I would get a little pressure in my chest and then also in my back behind my shoulder blade. I thought I just pulled a muscle so I went to the urgent care and saw the doctor. Everything looked like I strained a muscle so I got some pills went home and layed on the couch for a day. My pain was gone the next day. about 3 days later it was back again, and I noticed I couldn’t take deep breaths with out it hurting in my chest and back again. I made an appointment to go see a family doctor and he had me do a battery of test. Mammogram, chest x-ray, and blood test.

His office called me on a Friday, lol yep a Friday and said the x-rays showed an abnormal mass in my left lung and he wanted me to get a ct scan right away. They would call me back when they new if my insurance would cover it. I told the lady that called me to please don’t call people on Fridays to tell people this kind of information. I told her she was lucky it was me and I take things with out panicking. This kind of news to someone that can’t do anything but worry till Monday now has their whole weekend to stress and think about the worst, and how this could have a whole family loose a weekend together having fun because now they have to wonder.

It gave me the weekend to look up abnormal mass on the computer and I got the idea pretty quick. I started looking up the best cancer treatment centers and reading all I could on it. Well, they called me Monday and I got into get the ct scan done. Then my doctor called me into the office and said I need to see a pulmonary doctor, and they got me in fast to see him. Next thing is that I need to do a biopsy and they got me into that really fast. They did it yesterday, and then my pulmonary doctors office called me today and said that he wants to see me Wednesday as  soon as he gets back into town. I found out that my insurance will only pay for one surgery a year, and then it is only up to 4 thousand. They won’t pay for any treatment if I need radiation or kemo. So now my stomach just got really tight and I started to think I don’t have a chance to beat this.

Then I remembered…….Miracles happen all the time here at HEART, and where there is a will there is a way. The horses have taught me that you never give up, and people have taught me that prayer is one powerful thing. I have never thought for one moment why me? I have thought however why not me? I am strong, and I have a lot of faith in the power of healing, and love. I also think that maybe I can help someone else that might be going through this like me and they are scared, and don’t know what is in the future. I want to let everyone know exactly what I go through so they can know what to expect if god forbid they ever go through something like this.

The biopsy:  Becky drove me into TMC Pulmonary where they told me that my insurance wouldn’t pay for the test. I had to pay cash but they would give me a discount and it would only be 1,500 hundred dollars. Then I was told that my insurance would pay up to 2,000 of an out patient surgery once a year. I thought whew, then it was followed by so you will only have to pay 1,500 for the other costs. And how much can I pay today, and that they usually require half up front before they can do the procedure. At this point I stood up and said I don’t have that kind of money and so I can’t do this biopsy. Becky told the receptionist that she had a hundred dollars would they take that and bill me for the rest. They said yes and proceeded to send me to the other office so that they could start.  They had to numb my throat and nose so they had me gargle lidocaine. OMG that is some nasty nasty tasting stuff. Then they put it up my nose so that they could numb where the scope was going to go. Yep up my nose and down my throat and into my lung. Thank god I got drugged for that one. I woke up, Erica drove me home and I slept for the rest of the day. While I was there at the office I invited all the staff to HEART of Tucson so that they could see what we do, lol.

I felt pretty good today so I spent the day down with the horses getting their feet done with our farrier. Gabe ran all over the place like a little kid that didn’t want to get a bath. Gabe finally gave in and let Sophie catch him and bring him over for his trim. I spent time with Gifted scratching his neck, and playing ball with Geevers. We did turn outs for the horses and laughed a lot watching them be silly.

Our local news team for Channel 9 came out to talk to me and I think it is a good idea that they can air this. It might just be the chance that I need to get help so that I can be around for a long time for HEART, and if it works out that I can’t at least people will have the chance to help keep HEART alive and healthy for all the horses and the people that need to come here to get that feel good feeling and make a difference for the horses.   Night all, see you tomorrow.

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Travel with Judy on her Journey

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Geevers always makes me laugh

It was fun sitting in the grass today watching the horses enjoy the paature, then Geevers pulls another funny one. I never know what he will do next but I do know it will get me laughing. LOL

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